About Me


Hey there,

My name is Max and I hope you enjoyed the above video.

My passion is aviation and I'm a commercial single and multiengine rated ATP with over 3,000 hours of flight time.

I got my start in aviation when I was 18 years old by streaming my simulator flights on Twitch. I later decided it was time to get off the simulator and into an actual airplane. I was hooked after my first flight and immediately started building hours in the Cirrus SR20/22 and eventually the Diamond DA42. I began posting my flights on YouTube as a training tool and a way to share aviation with others. 

I then made the leap over to jets when I started flying the Cirrus Vision Jet and the Citation M2. I have since started flying the Citation CJ3+ and my YouTube channel "CirrusMax" has evolved into "CitationMax."

Among many other things, I am the executive pilot and head of travel for my father's company. I have been able to use flying for good through my mother's charity projects and by working with Angel Flight Northeast to transport sick patients.

The sense of community that aviation has provided me with and the opportunity to promote aviation is what encourages me to share my flights with the world.

Whether you're an aviation enthusiast or a seasoned pilot, I hope you can gain something from watching my videos. 

Thanks for visiting my website and I look forward to seeing you on the next flight.



*CitationMax is not a Textron or Citation brand extension, just a guy named Max who is a huge fan of aviation and happens to fly a Citation*